Zhoushan Lancome two marine communication equipment pilot success

Recently, two marine communication equipments developed by Zhoushan Lanhao Marine Technology Co., Ltd., the oceanic shortwave broadband communication equipment and the marine short-distance multi-node multi-hop self-organizing wireless network pilot test, will be put into the market in March this year.
The ocean shortwave broadband communication device is a low-cost multi-band ocean-going ship communication device. The device improves the traditional short-wave communication system with large volume and high power consumption, and can only provide shortcomings such as voice and related brief data services, and focuses on providing communication and transmission of new data services such as video and data under narrowband communication conditions.
In view of the fact that traditional maritime communication equipment does not have anti-jamming capability, can not cope with outdoor loss, and is not conducive to concurrent operation of multiple nodes, the research and development personnel of Zhoushan Lanhao Marine Technology Co., Ltd. have developed a short-distance multi-node multi-hop self-organizing wireless The internet. The device is suitable for maritime communication and can provide maritime data communication services under the scenario that the infrastructure cannot cover.
According to the company's leading talent, Dr. Qian Liang of Shanghai Jiaotong University, these two marine communication devices have far-reaching coverage, better communication quality, and stronger communication resistance to various types of interference, which can fully meet the professional and General purpose use, improve ship travel safety level and communication capabilities.

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