Ring Water Salt Chemical Base promoted to national level

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China Drying Network News recently, located in the Xiangshui County, Jiangsu Province, the chemical industrial park salt chemical industry base, the National Ministry of Science and Technology Torch High-tech Industry Development Center identified as the national torch ring water and salt chemical industry base.

In recent years, Xiangshui Ecological Chemical Industrial Park has been committed to building the largest and domestic first-class salt chemical industrial base in the province. In the existing park, it plans to build 5.7 square kilometers of "Zhongzhongyuan", a salt chemical special industrial park. The industrial park is based on large-scale enterprises, and actively promotes technological upgrading, cost reduction, efficiency enhancement, brand innovation, and new product research and development. It actively builds innovation platforms and promotes enterprises to improve their independent innovation capabilities. The park has 60 existing enterprises, including 6 provincial-level high-tech enterprises. In the district, two provincial-level engineering centers, including the Jiangsu Province Fluorochemical Engineering Research Center and the Jiangsu Provincial Chlorine-based Organic Chemical New Materials Engineering Technology Research Center, have been established. The enterprises in the zone have 2 provincial key new products and 11 provincial high-tech products.

The National Torch Base is a high-tech enterprise established on the basis of the implementation of the Torch Program in a specific region, giving full play to local resources and technological advantages, relying on a group of high-tech enterprises with distinctive features, high correlation, and high technical level. Industrial clusters. The national and local science and technology departments will give priority to supporting the major technological innovation projects of the public technology service platform projects and bases in the base.

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