Heavy truck giants in China re-emerge to ensure global leadership

This year, Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd., which is the country’s largest heavy truck company, will maintain sales of 180,000 vehicles this year, ensuring China’s leading position in the world.

In the first 11 months of 2012, Dongfeng Commercial Vehicles Co., Ltd. accumulated sales of over 170,000 heavy trucks. The company expects sales of 180,000 units for the full year. The decline is in line with the industry, and the market share remains stable. The sales of medium- and heavy-duty trucks remain the industry's first and the world's leading. status. Among them, the cumulative sales of nearly 120,000 heavy trucks in November, the market share showed a growth trend, stable leading position in heavy trucks; in the first 11 months of the cumulative sales of cards exceeded 50,000, an increase of 7%, further consolidating the field of card Benchmarking status.

On this basis, the 2013 Dealer Conference of Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Company held on December 16 clearly stated that: In 2013, the company’s sales target for medium-heavy trucks and market share will not be lower than that in 2012, and the sales volume will not be less than 180,000 units. The market share is not Less than 20%.

Shaanxi Auto strives to sell 85,000 heavy trucks in the next year

Shaanxi Automobile Group, the heavy truck heavyweight in China, once again confirmed its sales target for the next year after achieving good results this year. Zhou Yinchao, general manager of Shaanxi Heavy Duty Truck Sales Co., said that Shaanxi Automobile's civilian heavy truck sales target for next year is 85,000 vehicles.

In 2012, the comprehensive strength of Shaanxi Automobile Group rose steadily. From January to November, Shaanxi Automobile Heavy Trucks sold a total of 78,000 vehicles and its market share increased by 1.64 percentage points. For the segment market, from January to November, Shaanxi Automobile Delong M3000 light weight heavy truck sales exceeded 8,000 units, not only occupying the leading position in the domestic economy light weight heavy truck, but also creating a sales record for new cars listed; Shaanxi Steam natural gas heavy truck for the whole year Sales exceeded 7,000 units and continued to maintain the domestic natural gas heavy truck sales championship. In addition, Shaanxi Steam Cement Mixer also achieved good sales performance in 2012.

On December 18, Shaanxi Automobile 2013 Business Conference was held in Xi'an. Zhou Yinchao, general manager of Shaanxi Heavy Duty Truck Sales Co., Ltd., said at the meeting, "In order to successfully complete the goal of 85,000 vehicles, Shaanxi Automobile will continue to accelerate the upgrading of heavy-duty truck products on the basis of listening to users' opinions." He said. Shaanxi Auto will make more improvements to the DeLong F3000 and the mining dump truck, and the new DeLong M3000 and the new Oron will also be listed in the next year.

Jianghuai Heavy Trucks New Year's target exceeds 30,000 vehicles

"In 2013, JAC Heavy Trucks will strive to achieve the sales target of 30,000 vehicles." Recently, Xiang Xingchu, general manager of JAC Heavy Commercial Vehicles, said.
Xiang Xingchu said that lightweight heavy trucks, LNG heavy trucks, and China IV heavy trucks will all be the focus of Jianghuai's market next year. He introduced that Jianghuai lightweight heavy trucks were introduced to the country through tour activities. After more than one year of market introduction, they laid a solid foundation for next year. The LNG heavy truck JAC is still in the stage of market introduction. However, as the market preparation matures, Jianghuai will have “double growth” next year. At the same time, the market introduction of the National IV Heavy Duty Truck will also become one of the focuses of Jianghuai next year.

Xiang Xingchu also said that according to the purpose of use, dump trucks for inter-city logistics vehicles and infrastructure construction are also the main focus of JAC in 2013. In respect of trucks, the focus is on the market's up-and-down extension. “Up” is the consolidation of the advantages of 8×4 trucks, and “down” is the further expansion of the 4×2 truck market; on dump trucks, JAC's core products, 8×4 dump trucks, 6×4 dump trucks, and 4×2 dump trucks, etc., should further expand the market on the basis of solidifying the original market; in terms of tractors, JAC will segment customer groups. Ways, such as pull coal, carriages, port trailers, steel trailers and other special users, deepen the regional market.

Joint heavy truck plans to sell 8,000 for next year

The combined heavy truck jointly built by Chery and other companies, based on the substantial sales growth of 300 units this year, will be the target for next year's production and sales. Liu Bo, chairman of United Trucks Marketing Service Co., Ltd., said that the joint truck sales target for next year will be 8,000 vehicles.

In 2012, faced with the severe situation in which the domestic heavy-duty truck market was generally declining, and in line with the concept of “quality-oriented”, the joint truck launched a well-built K12 series heavy truck this year. At the same time, after three years of solid foundation, the capacity of the joint truck service system has been significantly improved. At present, the network layout of the joint truck has been formed. At the end of 2012, its service network reached 420, covering 31 provinces, cities and autonomous regions. The combined trucks have sold 2,340 heavy trucks as of the end of November and are expected to reach a sales volume of 3,000 vehicles throughout the year.

In the 2013 product plan, the joint truck sales target was 8,000 units. Among them, there are 2500 LNG heavy trucks and 5500 diesel heavy trucks. In addition to continuing to promote the K12 series of products, the combined trucks will also introduce innovative products such as LNG city dross trucks, LNG port trucks, LNG 6×2 standard-type tractors, 8×2 trucks, etc., while further improving product quality. And product coverage.

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