Yuchai plateau calibration team once again entered the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau

With the Yuchai company's high-temperature calibration test project in Turpan in Hainan and Xinjiang nearing the end, in recent days, members of the vehicle calibration test in Xinjiang and Hainan started to depart for Golmud in Qinghai and will arrive in Golmud around the 16th. The calibration tester of the mobile gantry tester conducted a full-scale calibration test for the plateau .

Yuchai is the first engine manufacturer to carry out the “three-high” calibration project in the industry. The "three-high" calibration work is Yuchai's annual fixed engine test project. The project includes mobile bench test and vehicle test. It mainly tests the operating conditions of the engine under severe working conditions such as high cold, high temperature and high altitude, and controls and optimizes various performance indicators and components.

This year's "three-high" calibration project, except that the high-cold calibration needs to be carried out at the end of the year, the remaining high-temperature and plateau calibrations have been carried out in mid-late July. This year, nine models have been selected for calibration, of which gas engines are the main ones. According to Li Qinsheng, leader of the Plateau Mobile Bench Calibration Test Project, the calibrating team has completed three models of mobile rig tests. According to the plan, they will continue to test the other six models along with the vehicle test team at altitudes of 2,900 meters, 3,500 meters, and 4,500 meters. It is expected that all testing of the project will be completed in early September.

Li Qinsheng said that the project will verify and confirm the previous product upgrades to further enhance the competitiveness of new products such as Yuchai gas engines.

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