Artificial climate room to achieve overall design

The various factors in the environment will change at any time, such as temperature, humidity, and light intensity. For plants, these environmental factors are the basis for their growth results. Plants can grow normally only within a certain range of the environment, and beyond this range, their growth will slow down and even die. It is precisely because of this, coupled with the uncontrollability of the natural environment, we have actively developed artificial climate chambers in order to increase the efficiency of crop growth. This instrument design parameters are in line with the relevant requirements of the national industry standard JB/T6823 "biological artificial climate chamber technical conditions" production. The climate chamber has functions of temperature control (hot and cold temperature control), humidity control (humidification and dehumidification), light control (with or without light), and time program control (temperature, humidity, and light time program switching). Very powerful instrument for simulating the natural environment.
So how is the artificial climate room designed as a whole? The artificial climate room has five systems, namely instrument control system, instrument temperature system, instrument humidity system, instrument indoor culture system and instrument indoor air circulation system. There are four parts: the top cover, the studio, the cooling and heating room and the bottom room. The top cover is equipped with a computer controller, and the top cover panel is equipped with a digital display, indicator lights and operating switches. The two sides of the top cover are respectively equipped with fluorescent sockets, and the studio has three hollow glass structures. The cooling and heating are under the studio, and the left and right sides are respectively connected with the entrances and exits of the ventilation passages in the studio. The interior is equipped with an evaporator, an electric heater and two circulating fans to supply heat or cooling to the studio. The bottom chamber is equipped with compressors, condensers, cooling fans, instrument entry junction boxes and fuses. Intelligent lighting incubator the biggest advantage is to be able to intelligent control of light and temperature, such as you can freely set the time of day and night, how much, in addition, how much light during the day, the night is how much light and so on. These are our own settings.
The artificial climate room realizes the overall design, each link operates independently, but it is the task of comprehensively completing the design and controlling multiple parameters. Therefore, compared with the seed germination room, the artificial climate room has more use space and use. range.

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