Jinan LED lighting wholesale market potential is gratifying

With the continuous development of urban lighting projects, the wholesale of LED lamps and the application of LED geographical lights in urban lighting projects have also spurred the continuous development of the lighting industry. In the Jinan market, the wholesale of lamps has also received unprecedented development. The advantages of the use of lamps are well known. Not only are they characterized by energy saving, long service life, but also the advantages of color change and shape change, which are favored by urban lighting projects. The market prospect of LED lamps wholesale has been optimistic.

First of all, LED lighting wholesale has more and more own market, the market demand is the biggest advantage of the development of the lighting industry; secondly, the LED lighting wholesale industry has the advantage of achieving a win-win situation, the wholesale industry is a manufacturer and retail The industry of the factory center, the unique industry position and the planning of the downwind will achieve the advantages of both the manufacturer and the retailer center. It can also be used as a megaphone for the two industry centers, planning and urban growth necessary to achieve mutual growth. The advantages are win-win.

The lighting market has a happy scene, the industry has developed rapidly with rapid growth, and sales have also shown unprecedented growth. LED lighting wholesale has more and more own market, the market is necessary to the biggest downturn in the lighting industry, facing the urban lighting project in Jinan, the company's exterior wall decoration and corporate image promotion have a huge market growth Necessary, so the LED lighting wholesale industry will lose its economic advantages in the market, so it can also have a corresponding effect on the growth of the city.

Through the analysis of the LED lamp market, the reason why LED lamps dominate the wholesale market of lamps is mainly due to the following major reasons. First of all, the rapid development of the wholesale market of lamps, the most fundamental reason is still China's LED underwater lights, LED buried LED lamps, LED wall washers, LED projection lamps and other LED lighting technology continue to improve, its performance is more stable, fully meet the needs of commercial lighting. In addition, China's energy-saving and energy-saving policies have cleared the way for the development of LED lamps, and more and more application fields use LED lamps instead of traditional light sources. Government investment drives market demand. In order to expand domestic demand, the Chinese government continues to expand public construction investment, including street lamps, urban landscape lighting, indoor and outdoor lighting for public buildings, etc., thus providing a broader market for LED lighting wholesale.

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