One-third of brakes in Shanxi auto parts market failed

Xinhua News Agency, Taiyuan, China, February 17 (Reporter Liu Yuping) Brake pads are an important component of the automobile brake system and play an important role in the safe use of automobiles and in protecting people's lives and property. However, the results of the supervision and spot checks conducted by the Shanxi Provincial Bureau of Quality Supervision on brake linings have not been optimistic. One-third of the brake linings have been judged as unqualified due to frictional properties.

Shanxi Province Quality Supervision Bureau carried out supervision and spot checks on 30 batches of brake pads on the market. There were 20 qualified batches, and the pass rate for spot checks was only 66.7%. The main performance of substandard products is that the friction performance is unqualified. Among the 10 batches of unqualified products, there were 9 batches that failed the friction performance.

According to analysis by the law enforcement officials of the quality supervision department, the main reason for the general lack of friction performance of the brake pads is that the reinforcing materials and friction material regulators used by production companies to reduce costs are unreasonable, resulting in a decrease in the thermal coefficient of friction of the products and friction. The increase in the rate does not guarantee the safety of the vehicle in motion. This situation should cause the production enterprises to attach great importance.

In this random inspection, the 15T brake pads manufactured by Hangzhou Qianjiang Friction Material Co., Ltd. and sold by Tianbo Auto Parts Distribution Department of Xiaodian District of Taiyuan City were identified as unqualified products due to unsatisfactory friction performance. (Finish)

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