Xuechi purchases 3,000 sets of sewing equipment from Tongyu at one time

At the end of the 3rd Global Textile Economic Forum and the Tongyu·2006 China Fashion Brand Internationalization Summit, the large-scale garment enterprise in China, Xuechi Group, signed a contract with Tongyu Holding Group, the largest sewing equipment company in China. Forming a strategic partnership and purchasing 3,000 sets of sewing equipment from Tongyu at one time, this is the first time in the domestic industry to purchase domestic sewing equipment on a large scale.

At the signing ceremony, Wang Zixiu, chairman of the Xuechi Group, said: "At present, domestic sewing equipment and domestic sewing equipment products have similar technical performance, even exceeding the level of foreign technology. Xuechi is not an accidental purchase of Tongyu. Products, but through the use of Tongyu's products, in terms of quality, technology, and Tongyu's pre-sale, sale, after-sales service, can make Xuechi satisfied, rest assured, trustworthy."

As a national quality management excellent enterprise, Tongyu Group, Chairman Chen Xiaoqing said: "Enterprises are the window of society, the image of products and enterprises, and rely on advanced technology, reliable quality and excellent service to win the market. Market economy connection A wide range of services requires the support of a service system; the development of a market economy requires high-tech products, creates huge service demands, and provides a large number of technology products and service products; the market economy promotes the evolution of high-tech and high value-added products. And the quality of service is constantly improving, only high-quality products and high-quality services can win the market. Quality is the foundation, technology is the guarantee, service is the requirement, there is no brand with no good service, there is no broad market space. Market service, It is to promote the promotion and interaction between enterprises and the market, accelerate the development and expansion of the market, and launch the “Tongyu” manufacturing, truly making Tongyu products “Hengtongyu, sewing the world”.

China Tongyu Holdings Group began to produce sewing machines in the early 1980s and products entered the international market in the early 1990s. With more than 20 years of hard work and more than 20 years of progress, the Group has eight subsidiaries and established three research institutes and provincial R&D centers in Japan, Shanghai and Shenzhen. It has become a national backbone of sewing equipment, a nationally renowned enterprise, and a nationwide Quality management advanced enterprises and high-tech enterprises have formed the development pattern of sewing machine and computer embroidery machine, garden machinery, plastic products, electric vehicles, Shanghai high-tech industry and three major production parks. The products are exported to more than 100 countries and regions in the world, and have established a complete supporting marketing system in 29 provinces and cities in China. Tongyu always adheres to the market as the carrier, technology-oriented, and service as the content, expands the product market and service market, strives to build the industrial and trade industrial chain, provides a wider and better service to the market and customers, and accelerates the internationalization of enterprises. Development and economic globalization. In order to better serve this fast article, Tongyu has set up several market service sub-centers at home and abroad to provide users with comprehensive and systematic services, including pre-sales consulting, research, analysis, and program design. To provide customers with complete sets of production line solutions, tailor-made according to customer requirements and needs, to create specialized equipment for clothing companies. A full range of professional technical services such as project implementation, engineering installation, equipment commissioning, and system maintenance, etc., penetrate the service into every aspect of customer demand, and form an integrated marketing network and service structure.

The cooperation between Xuechi and Tongyu is in line with the requirements and trends of China's development, fully demonstrating the confidence and determination of Chinese enterprises to revitalize the industry and sprint international brands. It is believed that through the cooperation between Xuechi and Tongyu, more enterprises will be married and closer cooperation, and unremitting efforts will be made to revitalize the Chinese national cluster industry.

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