Xinjiang will build the world's largest sodium nitrate (potassium) base

Zhejiang Vientiane Group intends to invest 4 billion yuan to develop 1 million tons of sodium nitrate (potassium) project, making Shanshan County in Xinjiang the world's largest sodium nitrate (potassium) production base. Recently, Liu Lipeng, the head of Zhejiang Wanxiang Group's development of saltpetre resources in Xinjiang, confirmed this to reporters.
Liu Lipeng told reporters that the Vientiane Group had entered the Shanshan County in the previous year and invested 10 million yuan in risk exploration. After six months of field prospecting, a sodium nitrate monolith deposit has been discovered. The mine is a rare resource. After on-site investigation, the total reserves are about 171 million tons, and the reserves are the largest in the world.
It is reported that there are only two resources in the world, one in Shanshan County in Xinjiang and the other in Chile in South America, with reserves of 90 million tons. No other countries have discovered this resource. Liu Lipeng said that the resource can be processed to produce natural high-quality potassium nitrate and sodium nitrate. The product is in short supply in both China and the world. No matter whether the added value or role is better than potassium sulfate or potassium chloride, it is a rare green potassium fertilizer. In the world is a shortage of binary green fertilizer.
It is understood that the project's resource exploration work has now ended and it has entered the stage of technological research. Xinjiang Saltpetre Potash Co., Ltd., which is controlled by Vientiane Group, has joined forces with the nation’s three major A-level chemical research institutes to tackle new technologies and is currently conducting small-scale trials. Industrial trials. The total investment of the project is 4 billion yuan. The first phase of the project is to produce 500,000 tons of potassium nitrate (sodium) per year. The estimated investment is 1.2 billion yuan. This project is also a major project during the “Eleventh Five-Year Plan” period in the autonomous region.

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