Yanshan Petrochemical butyl rubber technical renovation and expansion project started

Yanshan Petrochemical's 45,000-ton/year normal butyl rubber production plant reconstruction and expansion project was formally launched recently, and it will for the first time achieve the goal of domesticizing polymerizers. With the gradual implementation of the expansion project, it is expected that by the end of 2010, Yanshan Petrochemical's butyl rubber production capacity will reach 135,000 tons/year, including 45,000 tons/year of ordinary butyl rubber and 90,000 tons/year of halogenated butyl rubber.
According to experts from the industry, Yanshan Petrochemicals bought off the right to use and transfer of butyl rubber process technology of Italian PI company, and combined with Yanhua's own industrial production technology. At present, Yanshan Petrochemical has completely owned the butyl rubber industry complete technology. In addition, the company has abundant isobutylene resources. By the end of the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" period, Yanshan Petrochemical's butyl rubber production capacity can fully achieve its expected goals.
It is reported that the Yanshan Petrochemical butyl rubber project expansion will be implemented in two phases: the first phase to the end of 2007, will expand the existing butyl rubber plant to 45,000 tons / year, to ensure the existing domestic market demand for ordinary butyl rubber At the same time, the industrial production of 30,000 tons/year halogenated butyl rubber is gradually realized; the second phase is to add 60,000 tons/year of halogenated butyl rubber by the end of 2010, eventually making Yanshan Petrochemical's total of butyl rubber and halogenated butyl rubber. The production capacity reached 135,000 tons/year.
Due to its excellent airtightness and heat aging resistance, butyl rubber can be widely used in tire inner tubes, inner liners, vulcanizing capsules, cushioning materials, adhesives, potting materials, insulation materials, etc. The demand for butyl rubber, especially halogenated butyl rubber, in the domestic market will continue to increase over the past 10 years. The market has great potential and broad prospects.

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