Dongwei microporous filtration new equipment into the company's first choice

Wenzhou Dongsheng Microporous Filtration Co., Ltd. adheres to the road of technological innovation and focuses on the production of "special, specialized, and refined" filtration technologies and devices. So far, the company has obtained 11 national patents such as water glass microfiltration refining process, chloralkali salt thin layer filtration, and grease filtration, and 3 scientific and technological achievements have passed provincial (ministry) level identification. The polymer precision microfiltration equipment has become a chemical fertilizer, etc. Industry filtration system technology preferred product.
The company has developed a powdered activated carbon high-precision filter for 11 years of long-term development in response to the current situation of powdered activated carbon filter units used in the production of chemical and pharmaceutical products in China. The device can filter powdered activated carbon fine particles in most liquid materials in chemical and pharmaceutical production at one time, and is resistant to most inorganic acids and organic solvents. The temperature can reach 100°C, and the gas backflushing method is convenient after filtration is completed. The dry filter cake is removed from the filter and the filter material can be used for a long period of time. The equipment has been granted a number of national patents and thousands of units have been successfully applied in domestic enterprises. In addition, after many years of trial production, the company has developed a submicron-sized powder filtration, washing, and pressure drying precision microporous filter with the largest internal body diameter of 1.6 meters and the finest filtration accuracy of 0.3 micron. At present, the product has been successfully applied in the production of chemical, pharmaceutical, non-ferrous metals and other industries. It can be used not only for the filtration of ultra-fine powders of metals and metal salts, but also for many non-metal ultrafine powders and ultra-fine powders. Fine crystals were filtered, washed and pressed dry.

Light Duty PU/PVC / TPR Caster Wheels 1.5"/2" for furniture Office chair

1. Electrophoretic process

2. Single wheel PU/ PVC material

3. Double ball bearing

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