Tea preservation method

Store tea leaves to maintain the inherent color and flavor of tea, so we must try to fully maintain the dry, minimize the impact of external temperature and humidity, to avoid contact with objects with odor, but also to make tea from extrusion and impact to keep it Original shape, true color, and true taste. Here are two common tea storage methods:

1, tea sealed storage method. >

Store large quantities of green, red and green tea, use porcelain jars or ceramics, add 0.5 kg of hygroscopic agent such as charcoal (in a cloth bag), and pack 0.15 to 0.5 kg of tea into kraft paper. Place it around and above the absorbent bag and seal it. Replace the moisture-absorbing bag once every three to four months, and change it again during the mildew season. For storage of high-quality tea, blocky stone dust can be used as a moisture absorbent, and lime should be placed in a cloth bag to prevent direct contact with tea leaves. For the storage of tea and black tea, quicklime should not be used to prevent loss of aroma. Different types of tea are best stored separately to prevent mutual influence and odor. The absorbent capacity of silica gel is 1000 times that of lime, and it can be used repeatedly. That is, the silica gel after moisture absorption can continue to be used after sun exposure and baking, and it is an ideal moisture absorption agent for storing tea leaves.

2, tea low temperature storage method.

The tea leaves are packed into sealed iron and porcelain containers. The plastic bags are then dampened and placed in the refrigerator. If the temperature is below 5°C, it can be stored for more than one year. It is best to store famous teas and flower teas in this way. Since the refrigerator is relatively humid, it is easy to savor the taste of various foods. Therefore, the container for placing the tea must be sealed well. In addition, teas for household use can be stored in tin cans with double lids and stored in a dry place without mixing with odoriferous items.

(Source: First Tea Network)

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The hydraulic pump and the hydraulic motor are the most complex parts of the hydraulic system. 
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Tower Crane Telescoping Hydraulic System

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