China's largest power gas power unit test successful

On March 13th, 2007, Sichuan Southern Gas Compressor Co., Ltd. manufactured M-11/0.7-250 CNG gas-powered compressor unit for Bangladesh, which was continuously operated under heavy load of 25MPa, and all technical indicators met design requirements. . Therefore, it is announced that China's current maximum power CNG gas-powered compressor unit has been successfully tested!

The machine uses a 270KW natural gas machine as the power source, and is connected directly to the four-row five-stage M-type compressor with a shaft power of 220KW. At a rated speed of 1000 rpm, a high pressure natural gas of 25 MPa per hour of 1000 M3 can be obtained. The machine is suitable for CNG filling stations with low intake pressure source, lack of electricity and difficulty in receiving electricity and requiring atmospheric volume. The operating cost of the machine is only 40% of the electric compressor.

In order to meet the broader needs of the CNG market, Sichuan Southern Gas Compressor Co., Ltd. is currently exerting its own technological development advantages and is working hard to manufacture large-scale gas CNG compressor units to meet the energy needs of clean vehicles.

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