Gaoling Peasant Zhou Zengyao explores the results of dehydrated vegetable technology

Zhou Zengyao, Party Secretary of the High Wall Village Party Committee of the National Labor Model and Gaoling County, has spent more than 20 years exploring the results of dehydrated vegetable technology. The Ministry of Agriculture recently issued the "General Technical Standards for Dehydrated Vegetable Raw Materials" which was his first drafter. The end of the hundreds of years of China's hundreds of dry food companies have no uniform standards for half a century, not in line with the international passive situation.

In the 1950s, dehydrated vegetable technology entered the domestic market. However, in addition to fragmented product standards and testing methods in the industry, there has been no universal raw material standard, resulting in the long-term “respect for each other” in the crucial link of raw material selection. Such upgrades, but also when exporting can only be accepted standards of the receiving country standards, so that a large number of export products are often pushed down prices and even returns, causing irreparable economic losses to countries and enterprises.

In 1985, Zhou Gaoyao’s Gaoling County High Wall Co., Ltd. established a dehydrated vegetable plant and gradually developed into the most influential export-oriented enterprise in the province and even in the northwest region. It was awarded the provincial “science and technology demonstration enterprise” and “export foreign advanced enterprise”. "Top 100 township enterprises" and "agricultural industrialization key leading enterprises" and other titles. For many years, the company has always focused on the selection of raw materials, established 5,000 mu of raw material bases in Gaoling, Fuyang and Huaxian, provided dedicated seeds and technical guidance for the base, and invited experts and professors to the site to guide and solve problems at the appropriate time. , Constantly exploring and summarizing the scope of adaptation, inspection and storage of dehydrated vegetable raw materials, effectively improving the quality of products and the credibility of the company, and achieving obvious advantages in export trade. The export transaction rate has remained at 100%, and the products sell well in Japan, South Korea and the United States. Italy and other more than 10 countries, foreign exchange earning more than 600,000 US dollars.

The Ministry of Agriculture began to select general technical standards for dehydrated vegetable raw materials in 2000. After screening and recommendation and final confirmation by the Ministry of Agriculture, Gaoqiang Company began to undertake project preparation work in March of the same year, and jointly drafted with Northwest A&F University and Provincial Bureau of Quality Supervision. "standard". In July last year, the Ministry of Agriculture approved the publication with the announcement No. 680 and implemented it on October 1st of the same year. At this point, China's raw materials for dehydrated vegetables have common standards that are in line with international standards, ranging from scope, classification, terminology to inspection methods, storage and transportation.

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