Machine tool industry enters rational development stage

Machine tool industry enters rational development stage From 2000 to 2011, the average annual growth rate of China's machine tool industry was as high as 26%. The economic scale reached the number one in the world in 2009 and is now far more than the second and third in the world. In terms of medium and high-end machine tool products, China From "can not do" to "can do", the main specification variety of machine tools has achieved a "leap from scratch"; China's machine tool industry's overall quality has been generally improved, and achieved a "weak to strong" start. The current feature of the Chinese machine tool industry is "the total demand has dropped and the demand structure has risen." From now on, the Chinese machine tool industry has entered a new stage of rapid development and rational development. This stage is characterized by a rational growth rate and a significant transformation and upgrading.

The personal opinion of Liang Xunjun, honorary director of China Machine Tool Industry Association, is that the Chinese machine tool industry wants to change from big to strong, and companies must take the path of “specialty, speciality, and precision”. Looking around at the world's machine tool powerhouses, most of them are small and medium-sized enterprises, with the common characteristics of “products have expertise, technology has characteristics, products must be refined, and can meet the ever-changing needs of users”. Liang Xunyi listed all of Changsha Changsha Numerical Control Machine Tool Co., Ltd., Changsha Haliang Kaishuai Precision Machinery Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Datian CNC Machine Tool Co., Ltd., Jack Holding Group, Beijing Jingdang CNC Machine Tool Co., Ltd., and Dalian Guangyang Technology Engineering Co., Ltd. Examples of ten companies such as Suzhou Xinneng CNC Machine Tools Co., Ltd. and Wuxi Dior Machinery Co., Ltd., and believe that the successful experience of these companies is worthy of reference for their colleagues in the “transformation and upgrading” stage.

Xie Huayu, Chairman of the Mechanical Instrumentation Branch of the China Instrument and Control Society, put forward at the forum. “Using advanced digital measurement technology and measuring tool products to quickly upgrade the level of equipment manufacturing, actively innovate and develop, and strive to catch up with the international advanced level. An important direction for China's current manufacturing transformation is to improve.” He also said that during the “12th Five-Year Plan” period, while maintaining its production advantages, China should focus on improving product reliability, accuracy, quality, and quality. High-end measuring tools development. Focus on the development of digital precision measuring tools and high-precision sensors, especially the development of a new range of sensors, detection systems, and digital networked measuring tools for high-range, micro-nanometer high-resolution, high-precision, gradually replacing the leading position of foreign measuring tools in China's high-end market. Select key breakthroughs (such as large multi-coordinate measuring instruments, crankshaft measuring instruments, and profile meters) and strive to increase the proportion of domestic CNC precision measuring instruments in the Chinese market to 30% to 40% by 2020.

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