Lorra rpx90 wheeled reconnaissance vehicle

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Structural Features The Lore RPX90 wheeled reconnaissance vehicle body is fully welded steel. The driver is in the front, the turret is centered, and the power cabin is in the rear. The driver has a single-leaf hatch on the top and bullet-proof glass windows on the front and on both sides, and is covered by armour shields during the war. Loll RPX90 wheeled reconnaissance vehicle's larger unit power and large low-pressure tires make it a good off-road capability.
The Lorraine RPX90 wheeled reconnaissance vehicle can be fitted with various turrets, and the model is fitted with the MARS90 double turret of Hispano-Suiza. In addition, it is possible to install the Serpal turret in Hispano-float equipped with 60mm rear-load mortars, 20mm cannons and 7.62mm machine guns; also equipped with 6 MATRA SATCP surface-to-air missile turrets Recently, the GIAT TS90 90mm turret was installed. [1]

Performance data crew: 3 people
Drive type: 4×4
Full weight of battle: 11000kg
Weight (without turret): 8000kg
Unit power: 20.6kW/t
Car length
No weapons: 5.200m
Gun forward: 7.480m
Car width: 2.650m
Vehicle height
To the top of the body: 1.725m
To the turret top: 2.540m
Floor height: 0.500m
Track: 2.130m
Wheelbase: 2.950m
Approach/Departure angle: 45°/45°
Highway maximum speed: 110km/h
The maximum speed of off-road: 53km/h
The maximum travel time of the road: 1000km
Water depth: 1.4m
Climbing degree: 60%
Roll slope: 40%
Height of vertical wall: 0.6m
Turning radius: 7.5m
Engine type: 6 cylinder water cooled turbo diesel
Power: 228kW (310 hp)
Transmission Type: 6-speed automatic transmission
Forward/Reverse: 6/1
Steering device type: hydraulic boost
Tire specification: 20.5×20.5 has a gas-barrier performance
Brakes: disc type
Main weapon caliber / type: 90mm / artillery
Joint weapon caliber / type / quantity: 7.62mm / machine gun / 1
Ammunition Base
The main shells: 50 rounds
Machine Gun: 2000 rounds [1]

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