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Small tanker introduction
Small tanker: also known as mobile refueling vehicles, computer tax-controlled refueling vehicles. It is mainly used for the transportation and storage of petroleum derivatives (gasoline, diesel, crude oil, lubricating oil, coal tar, etc.). According to different use and use environment, there are many kinds of refueling or transporting oil functions, which have the functions of oil absorption, pump oil, multiple oil loading and distribution. The special part of the oil tanker consists of tanks, power take-off devices, transmission shafts, gear oil pumps, and pipe network systems. The pipe network system consists of oil pumps, three-way four-position ball valves, two-way ball valves, strainers and pipes.
Computer tax control refueling truck product notes 1) Tank material: carbon steel, stainless steel, lining rotomolding, glass steel, plastic cans (polypropylene). Can type: radius, elliptical, round type. 2) Oil pump: self-priming Pumps, Gear Pumps, Chemical Pumps, Stainless Steel Pumps, Centrifugal Pumps, Heavy Oil Pumps. Oil Meters: Single Count, Double Count, Taxable Fuel Dispenser. 3) Function: Can be Separately Stored, Can Distribute Different Oils, Chemicals ,food. Designed to achieve the pump into, pump out of the pump into the table, the pump out of the table, self-flow over the table, but the table and other functions. 4) All tankers can be designed into chemical vehicles,
All kinds of heating and heat preservation series tanks; all tanker trucks can be equipped with computer refueling machines; wide range of user tonnage selection to meet user needs; the tank body with multiple anti-wave separator. The use of high-pressure gas leak detection, so that the tank has high strength, stable center of gravity, vehicle safety and stability.

Small Refuelling Vehicle Uses Small refueling vehicles are mainly used in small refueling vehicles such as engineering machinery refueling and flow metering refueling. For the large amount of oil for site construction machinery, most people choose to purchase small refueling vehicles themselves to ease the oil shortage. , And the small gasoline refueling trucks that they have purchased at the gas station or the oil depot to extract diesel in bulk, are much cheaper than the market.

Small tanker configuration tanker: Shanghai Boli Computer Taxable Fueling Machine, Guangdong Hengshan Fueling Machine, Beijing Sanjin Fueling Machine, Beijing Jialijia Fueling Machine, Zhengzhou Zhengxing Fueling Machine.
Pump: Shandong Boshan pump, Jiangsu pump, Suizhou Yifeng pump
Main functions: self-priming, self-extracting, computer tax-controlled fueling, fluid refueling and other functions
Design the tanker function according to the main purpose of the mobile refueller. Refueling truck manufacturers standard refueling vehicles can achieve independent sub-positions, can be divided into different oil products, chemicals, designed to achieve the pump into the pump out of the table. The material of the tank body is carbon steel, stainless steel, lining rotomolding, glass steel. Pot-shaped square, oval, round. Oil pumps use self-priming pumps and gear pumps. The oil meter uses single-count, double-count, tax-controlled fuel dispensers. You can also choose to install water tanks, European standard tanks, and subsea valves.

The small refueling tanker households can use the small refueling vehicle to enter the household. They cannot use the private name to enter the household. They need to find the unit that has the dangerous transportation qualification, and contact the dangerous goods chemical company and affiliate the unit.
Small-scale refueling vehicles are required to issue car purchase invoices (purchasing additional tax), vehicle certification (proof of inspection proof) and chassis certification, and require chassis companies such as Dongfeng and Futian to issue chassis certificates and tank inspection reports When used for certificates). Then the driver will go to the vehicle management office to apply for "dangerous goods transport qualification certificate."
Drivers of small-scale refueling vehicles need to apply for "dangerous goods qualification certificate" in addition to the traffic permit and operation certificate.
A vehicle operation permit is a legal certificate of a vehicle engaged in road transport business activities. If the vehicle does not have a business license, it is an unlicensed operation, which is commonly referred to as a "black car."
The qualification certificate for dangerous goods refers to the driver who transports dangerous articles (such as oil, explosives, chemical raw materials, etc.). In addition to the driving qualification certificate, he must go to the local transportation administration department and send it to the dangerous goods after corresponding training. Only professional qualification certificates can be used to transport dangerous goods. Customs Procedure 1. Motor Vehicle Invoice.
2, vehicle certification.
3, tank inspection report.
4, affiliated organization organization code.
Dealing with refueling vehicle operation certificate needs: escort officer certificate dangerous goods induction certificate general cargo service license refueling vehicle upper family expense payment strong insurance
Commercial insurance
Carrier liability insurance
management fee
Operating Certificate
vehicle usage tax
Dangerous goods sign light
Level 2 maintenance fee
Licensing Expenses

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