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What is a sweeper sweeper? A new generation of road sweeper that has been rebuilt using Dongfeng, Isuzu and other Class II chassis. The vehicle can be used as a sweeper for road sweeping and pumping operations alone; it can also be used as a high pressure flusher for road flushing and pumping operations; it can also be used as a sweeper for combination of road sweeping suction and high pressure flushing to achieve sweeping, The various combinations of flushing and purging are selected and used to meet the diverse needs of different users. The vehicle can be widely used for flushing and cleaning of urban arterial roads and viaducts.

Working principle The cleaning vehicle adopts two brush sets in the middle, a wide suction cup in the center, and a V-type high-pressure flush rack with collision avoidance function to form a flushing cleaning belt larger than 3.5 meters. The drive unit powered by the Cummins EQ6BT5.9-118 sub-engine is placed transversely in the middle of the frame. The suction fan controlled by the pneumatic clutch device is arranged on the left side of the power box. The tanks and trash cans made of stainless steel use square tile structures. The water tank is divided into two parts, one part is the front independent water tank, which is installed in the front of the power warehouse; the other part is the water tank installed in the front part of the waste bin, which can be lifted up and down simultaneously with the waste bin and power compartment cover. The bin with lifting function is equipped with a high-pressure flushing nozzle, making the discharge easier and clean. The power compartment lid that can be lifted with the waste bin makes maintenance of the power system extremely convenient. The use of famous parts and components in Europe and the United States makes the vehicle performance better and the work more reliable.

The main structural components of the composition 1, car chassis
2、Secondary engine
3, compartment
4、Hydraulic valve group
5, brush drive motor
6, hydraulic system filter
7, electronic control system
8, vortex water pump
9, cleaning device
10, suction fan
11, the middle brush
12, rear sucker
13, stainless steel trash and water tank
14, diversion tank and large area filter
15, TV monitor
16, warning device

The safe operation rules of the sweeper The sweeper sprays high pressure water to perform the cleaning operation. Therefore, if the use and operation methods are incorrect, it will cause human accidents and should be handled with caution.
(1) There are many sediments and they are not cleaned at one time. The cleaning vehicle can be repeated.
1. During the cleaning operation, if the pressure is stable, the pressure gauge switch may be closed to protect the pressure gauge. However, if there is any change in the working conditions, the pressure gauge switch should be turned on immediately to monitor the pressure change.
2. If the water level is at a dangerous water level, stop the operation immediately and add water;
(2) Cleaning after cleaning
1. One manipulator to protect the high pressure hose
2. The roll tube handle is placed in the "received" position, and the reeling tube is rotated counterclockwise to wind the high pressure capillary tube.
3. The speed control knob depends on the amount of sludge, properly adjust the speed of the tube;
4. Open the needle valve;
5. Increase the hand throttle to clean the water pump at 1000-1200 rpm.
6. When the nozzle approaches the entrance, turn the hand throttle so that the water pump rotates at a relatively low speed until it finishes cleaning the sewer.
(3) Parking position when washing vehicle sewer cleaning operations
1. The cleaning truck should stop at the sinking shaft of the sewer line. If the parking position is not suitable, it will not only reduce the operating efficiency, but also shorten the service life of the hose.
2. The cleaning truck should stop at the downstream wellhead of a section of the sewer that is being cleaned, and the car is parked downstream;
a. When the pipeline is completely blocked and there is a lot of sediment, cleaning operations should be started from the most downstream caisson in this section;
b. In general, cleaning operations can be started from the upstream caisson;
(4) Washer Pump Drive Operation
Before driving, check the following:
Operation cabinet 1. Hand throttle is placed in “small” position; 2. High pressure three-way valve is set to “backwater” position;
Hydraulic system 1. Whether the fuel injection in the fuel tank is enough; 2. The two stop valves under the fuel tank are open;
Water system 1. Whether the water tank is filled with clean water; 2. The stop valve is open; 3. If there is any blockage on the filter; 4. Check the amount of oil in the pump crankcase;
Key point: roll tube handle is placed in “stop” position; speed control knob is placed in “slow” position; pressure gauge switch is set in “closed” position; wash tube is placed in “closed” position; after confirming that the above items are in correct position After the engine is started, the pump on the transfer case is moved after the lever is engaged with the joystick, and the water pump can run at low speed;
(5) General considerations for cleaning vehicles
1. During operation, the operator must not leave the operation cabinet in order to deal with accidents in case of accidents;
2. During the operation, first use the pipe guide to send the nozzle into the pipeline, and then open the three valves. Do not close to the nozzle to avoid hurting people.
3. Do not use high pressure to transport water, car washes, and clean walls;
4. Clean water should be used. Wastewater not only shortens its lifespan, but also causes air pockets when used.
(6) Cleaning tank water supply method
1. Check and clean the filter before supplying water;
2. Screw one end of the water hose into a fire hydrant or water supply truck, and screw the other end into the water tank on the right side of the water tank;
3. When water is supplied, observe the water level from the water level gauge on the dashboard;

Performance characteristics ● Brushing and high-pressure cleaning combination of cleaning, garbage collection, sewage recovery, hydraulic tipping operation of the road surface scrub operation.
● Use secondary engine to drive high pressure water pump, fan and working device.
● It integrates the function of sweeping vehicle and high-pressure cleaning vehicle to realize cleaning, high pressure cleaning, garbage collection and sewage collection in one operation.
● It has a variety of operating functions such as road sweeping, road surface scrubbing, high pressure cleaning, kerb stone scrubbing, garbage collection, sewage recycling, spray and road barrier wall cleaning.
● With advanced technology of high pressure water control system, when the high pressure water pump starts and the working water valve is switched, the water pump can be automatically unloaded.
● It is the first in China to adopt the operating device layout method of “two-stage mid-stage sweep + middle-width wide-nose suction nozzle with built-in high-pressure water boom + middle-stage high-pressure side spray bar”. Compared with other arrangement methods, there is a centralized operation device, a constant distance between the nozzles and the ground, and the operations such as brushing, flushing, and absorbing sewage are continuous and smooth, with less operation spatter, high net absorption rate of the wastewater, large cleaning width, and high cleaning efficiency.
● Using special sweeping and sweeping brush with patented technology, the road surface, curb, curb facade and upper surface can be brushed at the same time.
● Left and right high-pressure side sprayer and suction nozzle “V” arrangement, hydraulic operation retractable, and can adjust “V” angle and high pressure water nozzle angle, large flow impact force, can efficiently collect sewage, and has a boom Collision avoidance and automatic reset function.
● The suction nozzle has a built-in long row of spray bar. The distance from the nozzle to the ground is short and the impact force of the water flow is large. The sewage can be sent directly to the suction port. According to the situation of road surface pollution, the angle of the long-line nozzle flushing the road surface can be adjusted to achieve the best cleaning effect.
● Anti-overfill alarm device and high-pressure spray cleaning device are installed in the garbage bin. Anti-overfill alarm device can prevent sewage from overflowing from the suction pipe and cause secondary pollution. The high-pressure spray cleaning device can automatically clean the sewage tank after dumping garbage, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of the operator.
● There is a low water level sensor alarm system in the water tank. When there is no water, it will alarm automatically to prevent the water pump from being damaged by water.
● Imported high-pressure water pumps, key hydraulic components, electrical components and high-pressure nozzles are imported from well-known brands.

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