Advance shipbuilding precision management to improve quality efficiency

China's shipbuilding enterprises have a large gap with the shipbuilding enterprises of advanced shipbuilding countries in terms of the application of advanced shipbuilding technologies such as precision control and regional painting, and the application of advanced management methods. Only by striving to improve the overall quality and actively promote the precision control of shipbuilding can shipbuilding enterprises improve the quality and efficiency of construction, meet the challenges of new international shipbuilding standards and new norms, and gain a firm foothold in the international ship market. At the 4th ACT Shipbuilding Accuracy Management Technology Exchange Conference held recently, the above-mentioned shipbuilding companies and university representatives reached the above consensus.

Establish a database "Introduction" advanced software
Shipbuilding precision control is a key technology in modern shipbuilding. It plays an important role in shipbuilding, like advanced shipbuilding technologies such as production design, high-efficiency welding and painting. To this end, the experts pointed out that the shipbuilding enterprise can use the shipbuilding precision management technology, through the advanced process technology and scientific management methods, to carry out the whole process dimensional accuracy analysis and control of the ship construction, to minimize the on-site repair work. In order to achieve higher productivity, lower construction costs, ensure construction quality, shorten shipbuilding cycle and increase economic efficiency.
According to expert analysis, by introducing 3D simulation software, referring to foreign advanced management mode, combined with its own actual and control blind spots, most domestic shipbuilding enterprises rely on total station and precision software to establish a set of digital precision control. The scientific management system for the collection, collation and analysis of precision data to improve the accuracy control level of the ship's general assembly and carrying. Some shipbuilding companies have successfully applied 3D CAD drawing systems, and have been shifting from the enterprise resource planning system (ERP) to the product life cycle (PLM), which has automated production design and production drawing, which has greatly shortened. Design man-hours; some shipbuilding companies also introduced cutting, welding, precision management and other aspects of the system. In the future, with the in-depth integration of informationization and industrialization, the shipbuilding industry not only requires CAD systems to have rapid response and perception capabilities, but also gradually implements intelligent systems, design synchronization systems, and production information automation systems in ship design and production. application.

Difficult to overcome the process of "deep" shipbuilding core
Accuracy management is the basis for shipbuilding enterprises' technological innovation and technological innovation, and it is also the bottleneck for China's shipbuilding industry to catch up with Japan and South Korea.
At the meeting, Jiang Xufeng, a representative of Jiangnan Shipbuilding (Group) Co., Ltd., combined with the experience of simulating the construction of a large container ship, pointed out that the implementation of the simulation of the large container ship can effectively shorten the docking time and reduce the construction cost. The comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises. He said that with the traditional carrying mode, the margin cutting operation not only has a poor production environment, but also has a large amount of subsequent grinding work. The bead groove cutting after positioning is likely to cause a large number of secondary cutting phenomena. The cutting allowance will be moved to the total group stage, which not only improves the working environment, but also reduces the difficulty of the work, and the cutting quality is good. The remaining amount and the bead groove can be completed at one time, the subsequent grinding workload and the secondary cutting workload after positioning. small. Practice has proved that with the simulated piggyback mode, the secondary cutting rate in the cargo area is only 7%, while the number in the traditional carrying mode is 30%. At present, the simulated loading work has been promoted in Jiangnan Shipbuilding. The company has segmented the cargo area, the general section of the cargo area (the bottom section, the compartment section, the side section), the crotch section, the hatch section, etc. All are equipped with simulations.
Sun Mingyu, Assistant General Manager of Zhejiang Ouhua Shipbuilding Co., Ltd., advised on the phenomenon that some shipbuilding enterprises have too long assembly period. Shipbuilding enterprises should strengthen management during the armoring process, and in stages, production, general operations, and terminal operations. It is necessary to formulate a detailed plan, perform installation operations and regional integrity management in sequence, and carry out numerical calculations of engineering and inspection progress to facilitate the reduction of inspection items at various stages.
Experts at the conference said that precision management is not only a quality management, but also an important part of the enterprise management system. Liu Jianfeng, assistant general manager of Shanghai Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding Co., Ltd., said that the future precision management will cover armored precision control, strict standardization management, optimization of design, process flow, development of logistics and production planning, and establishment of database management system. To this end, shipbuilding enterprises must establish an advanced shipbuilding concept and rely on science and technology to form a modern lean shipbuilding model to expand the total shipbuilding, shorten the shipbuilding cycle and reduce shipbuilding costs.

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