Saladin wheeled reconnaissance vehicle

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Basic Information Country: United Kingdom
Chinese name: Saladin wheeled reconnaissance vehicle
English name: Saladin Armoured Car
Development Unit: Alvis Ltd.
Alvis Limited,GB
Production Unit: Alves Ltd.
Alvis Limited,GB
Status: Complete Production Plan
Equipment: Bahrain, Ghana, Honduras, Indonesia, Kenya, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Nigeria, Portugal, Sierra Leone, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Arab Yemen

History In January 1946, the British Army proposed replacing the Daimler MK2 and AEC MK3 armored vehicles with new armored vehicles during the Second World War. The new vehicle codenamed FV601(A) was developed in the same year at the Fighting Vehicles Design Department, now the Royal Armament Research and Development Establishment.
In 1953, Alvere Co., Ltd. completed two prototypes. As the company was eager to produce Saracen armored vehicles, it turned to Crossley Motors to produce six pre-production prototypes (FV601(B)) and completed it in 1955.
The Saladin reconnaissance vehicle of the British Army’s front line has been replaced by the Alvis Scorpion CVR(T). However, a small portion is still used in Cyprus and used to train drivers. In the UK, the car is still listed as a war reserve vehicle.

Structural features The car is a fully welded steel body with a cockpit at the front, a battle cabin at the center, and a power cabin at the rear.
The driver is in the front of the vehicle and a hatch in front of it can be folded on the inclined deck to expand the view. There are also three No. 17 periscopes, one on the hatch and one on each side of the driver.
The turrets are all welded and the gunners are on the left, and the captains (combined) are on the right. They each have a hatch that opens later. There are four No. 17 periscopes on the front of the cap and one single periscope on the rear. There is a periscope in front of the canopy of the gunner, the lower part of which has a magnification of 6× for aiming and the upper part has 1× for observation. There are 1 safety gates on both sides of the turret seat.
The engine compartment is separated from the fighting compartment by a fire barrier. Fire alarm and fire suppression system installed. The transmission section has a Daimler fluid coupling and a preselected planetary gearbox. Each wheel is equipped with a planetary speed reducer.
The car is non-aquaculture, no three defense devices and night vision equipment.
The car is equipped with L5A1 type 76mm artillery, vertical sliding breech latch and hydraulic spring recoil mechanism. There is a 7.62mm parallel machine gun and a 7.62mm antiaircraft machine gun. There are six smoke screen launchers on each side of the turret that can be electrically operated in the vehicle.

The only modified variant of the variant was the armored vehicle developed by the Federal Republic of Germany’s Border Police, codenamed FV601(D). The vehicle is not equipped with a parallel machine gun, and the federal German smoke bomb launcher and driving lights are installed. In the early 60s, the Federal Republic of Germany transferred 97 FV601(D) armored vehicles to the Sudan.
British Aerospace Dynamic Group was equipped with Swingfire anti-tank missiles on both sides of the Saladin reconnaissance turret, but was not in service.

Performance data crew 3 people
Drive type 6×6
Total weight 11590kg
Net weight 10500kg
Unit power 10.8kW/t
Average pressure 119kPa
Car length
Gun forward 5.284m
Body length 4.930m
Car width 2.540m
Vehicle height
To the gunner periscope mirror top 2.930m
To the turret top 2.190m
FireWire is 1.854m high
The distance between the bottom and the ground is 0.426m
Track distance 2.038m
Wheelbase 1.524+1.524(m)
Approach angle 60°
Departure angle 50°
Highway maximum speed 72km/h
Fuel Reserve 241L
The maximum travel 400km
Deep wading
With a ferry device 2.13m
Without involving device 1.07m
Climbing 46%
Climbing vertical wall height 0.46m
The width is 1.52m
Turning radius 7.31m
Production company Rolls-Royce
Model B80MK6A
Type 8 cylinder gasoline engine
Power/speed 125kW/3750r/min
Transmission Type 5 gear preselected gearbox
Steering device type Recirculating ball, hydraulic boost
Clutch type fluid coupling
Suspension type with double wishbone, torsion bar and hydraulic
Shock absorber independent suspension
Tire specifications 12.00×20
Main brake hydraulic disc type (each wheel)
Parking brake mechanical (rounds)
Main weapon caliber / type 76mm / artillery
Joint weapon caliber / type / quantity 7.62mm / machine gun / 1
Air defense weapon caliber / type / quantity 7.62mm / machine gun / 1
Number of smoke bomb launchers 12
Ammunition Base
The main shell bomb 42 hair
7.62mm bullets 2750 hair
Turret drive mode electric/manual
Gun pitch range -10° to +20°
Armor thickness/horizontal inclination
Front body 12mm/45°
Body front lower 14mm/48°
Body side 16mm
Top 10~12mm
Body bottom 8~12mm
Body rear 16mm
Turret front 32mm/75°
Electrical system voltage 24V
Number of batteries / voltage / capacity 2 / 12V/60Ah

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