Water pipe network leakage management and energy saving

China has a vast territory and abundant resources, but its per capita occupancy is obviously insufficient, such as freshwater resources. According to statistics, China’s total water resources ranks sixth in the world, and its per capita occupancy is 108. It is a country with severe water and water shortages. one. With population growth and rapid economic development, the problem of water shortage will inevitably become an important factor hindering economic and social development.

In April 2015, the State Council issued the "Water Pollution Prevention and Control Action Plan" to strengthen work on water environmental governance, water resources protection, and improvement of water resources utilization efficiency. Strengthening the protection of the water resources supply process is an important link. Spire Metering Technology LLC (SpireMT) is a leading company in the field of fluid testing and energy management. It provides SpireMT-DMA water supply pipe network analysis system to help WSOs operate in response to the industry characteristics of water supply units. Effectively play a role in increasing efficiency, saving energy, and reducing consumption. As the marketing center of SpireMT China in the United States, Shanghai Shengpoer Metering Technology Co., Ltd. adheres to the concept of “rooting China and serving China” and continues to provide advanced and complete localization solutions for energy companies, reducing supply and consumption. Energy consumption reduces the waste of water resources and promotes the development of a green and conservation-oriented society.

The water supply unit is not only an indispensable part of the normal operation of the city, but also a large consumer of electricity and energy. Therefore, it is very important to carry out energy conservation and consumption reduction of the water supply unit. SpireMT-DMA system uses advanced technology 280W series ultrasonic water meter as water measurement terminal. The water meter adopts ultrasonic measuring principle. The whole machine has no mechanical movable parts, adopts unstructured standard pipe section, hollow without clogging, so the pressure loss is extremely low. Significantly reduce the pressure of the water supply network, thereby reducing the power loss of the water pump and saving the power consumption of the water supply unit. Taking the N100 water meter as an example, according to the industrial power supply unit price of 0.82 yuan/kWh, a 280 W ultrasonic water meter and a mechanical water meter at a flow rate of 3 m/s, the power consumption due to pressure loss is 127.7 yuan and 2649.8 yuan, respectively.

By improving the pressure of the water supply network and reducing the energy consumption of the pumps, the efficiency of resource utilization is effectively improved, and the operating costs of the company are reduced.

The SpireMT-DMA water supply pipe network analysis system built on the highly accurate 280W series ultrasonic water meter can proactively determine the leakage level of the area and identify the existing leak point by detecting the flow data curve of the platform. Since leakage of the water supply network is a dynamic process, leaks can be greatly reduced if they are effectively controlled at the beginning of leakage. If leaks are not repaired in time, the leakage level will increase with the passage of time and even cause large flows. Leaks or bursts.

According to the analysis of the collected data by the system management platform, relevant personnel can make accurate judgments, identify the existence of dark leaks, background leakage, and pipe burst failures in the water supply pipeline, arrange personnel to inspect as soon as possible, reduce the waste of water resources, and control the total water supply. .

280W series ultrasonic water meter adopts advanced multi-channel technology, ultra-low initial flow rate and better than D-class wide-range ratio makes it possible to measure user's water quantity more accurately, provide basis for trade settlement, and improve users, especially industrial and commercial users. Pay attention to the use of water resources in the operation process, rationally plan production water use, strengthen industrial water recycling, increase the efficiency of water use, improve the extensive water use management model, reduce unnecessary waste, and promote the development of a water-saving society.

Based on the data analysis and energy conservation and consumption reduction of the SpireMT-DMA water supply pipe network analysis system, the water supply units and related departments can start from the reduction of water supply unit consumption, dominate the use of existing water resources, and orderly and reasonably adjust the water supply area. Dispatch plan, organized replacement of old pipelines and high-energy-consumption pumps to reduce waste of resources and achieve full energy conservation.

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