Promote soil tester to increase efficiency

Cost-effectiveness is an important slogan for agriculture and a specific direction for agricultural development. It can be said that the greatest motive force for farmers to engage in agricultural production is to increase efficiency. Therefore, the introduction of cost-saving and efficiency enhancement will greatly enhance the peasants' enthusiasm for labor. To achieve this goal, we must start with the application of science and technology, promote the use of agricultural instruments such as soil testers, and guide the implementation of farmer fertilization, irrigation and other operations.
Soil tester
The soil tester mainly tests soil nutrients. We know that the abuse of chemical fertilizers has caused many new problems for modern agriculture, such as declining soil quality and agro-environmental pollution, which seriously restricts the development of modern agriculture in China. The cost of fertilizers is also growing, creating a burden on farmers' production. But in fact, if we look at the point of view of crop growth, the nutrients needed for crop growth are excessive in many cases, which leads to problems such as the decline in crop quality and the difficulty in raising the yield. Therefore, agriculture has fallen into a strange phenomenon: The more fertilizers are applied, the more the yield and quality do not increase. From the perspective of the root cause, or because it does not follow the growth laws of crops, the significance of popularizing soil testers is to understand soil nutrients in crop cultivation and add them on demand according to the demand of crops. This not only solves the problem of fertilizers. The problem of abuse has reduced the cost of production and, more importantly, increased the quality and yield of crops.
At present, China's agriculture takes green and environmental protection as the basic requirements. In this process, the promotion and use of scientific instruments such as soil testers will help all regions to be effective and effective in accordance with the project's implementation goals of “cost savings, efficiency enhancement, environmental protection, and revenue increase”. The promotion has achieved remarkable results. It is understood that the application of soil testers has effectively increased the area of ​​soil testing and formula fertilization. This precise fertilization and fertilization scheme not only saves a huge amount of fertilizer, but also creates great value for the farmers' cost-effectiveness and beneficial realization. The goal of cost-saving, efficiency-enhancing agriculture, and promoting sustainable development of agriculture.

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