Dalian 25 blue sky project completed

According to Dalian Municipal Environmental Testing Center statistics, last year, the number of days of excellent air quality in Dalian reached 270 days, air quality throughout the year in Liaoning Province ranked third in 14 cities. This is the result of 25 tasks completed in Dalian blue sky project.

In 2015, Dalian municipal Party committee and municipal government focus on the construction of "Green Dalian", pay close attention to prevention of air pollution and water pollution, and earnestly intensify the key tasks of pollution abatement, construction of ecological city and supervision of environmental law enforcement, effectively control occupancy management, , Private take the chaos, street corner of health, construction site management chaos and other "dirty, chaotic, poor" problem, clear the junk reef junk market and a number of urban environmental illnesses.

In "Opinions of Dalian Municipal People's Government on Implementation of Blue Sky Project", Dalian Municipal Government proposed five major measures to control coal, control dust, control vehicles, control industries and readjust the structure. In the main city of the yellow car limit line, create two green bus lines, out of 24,951 yellow sign cars and old vehicles.

Fully implemented oil and gas recovery and management, completed the gas station reconstruction project 317, tanker reconstruction project 54, 4 oil depot renovation project; designated 687.4 square kilometers of fire-retardant zone, removed 19 boiler rooms, 21 boilers. Currently, 25 blue sky project tasks are completed.

In 2015, Dalian smoothly passed the national garden city review. Urban green space system planning was completed, planting 380,000 trees completed, new green area of ​​1.58 million square meters.

The water quality of the whole city is stable, the water quality of drinking water sources is in good condition, and the ecological environment in rural areas is greatly improved. We will carry out the ecological restoration of the reservoir bankside in an all-round way and push the polluting enterprises in the water source protection areas to close and relocate.

Organized five townships to declare the state-level ecological townships, 43 villages to declare the provincial-level eco-village, Changhai County, the national eco-county through the Ministry of Environmental Protection technology assessment. Ten farming-related counties and counties (pilot districts) and 77 townships and 656 village-building villages were included in the scope of the consecutive remediation demonstration in rural areas.

The city has 662 sets of various types of sanitation vehicles, mechanical cleaning rate of 63%. The city's living garbage, medical waste harmless treatment rate of 100%, the city's sewage treatment plant compliance rate of more than 95%.

The funeral service units all cancel the one-time paper wreaths, urban burning incense burning paper and other uncivilized behavior has been put an end to.

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