Moldova laser customer falls in love with S&A chiller at first sight

S&A chiller was shown on the CIFM exhibition along with customer laser. A Moldova fell in love with S&A chiller at first sight. The customer intend s to buy S&A chiller to cool 2 units of 90W laser tubes, S&A recommend chiller model CW-5300 of 1800W cooling capacity. S&A chillers have multiple power specifications and pass CE approval, RoHS approval and REACH approval.

Since January 2016, the warranty period of S&A chiller has extended to 2 years.
Thanks for the trust and support from the customer.
CW-5300 technical parameter:http://Products/ChillerCW53001800Wco.html




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No Bone Brush Wiper Blade

The structure of the traditional wipers, there are inevitably multiple pressure points, already cannot adapt to modern car windshield this mainstream surface design, usually, use three months after they leave the car appeared different degree: scrape wash not ideal, water mark excessive noise, friction, thus seriously affect reason such as driving snow days safe! Without bone wipers system with unique intelligent adaptive spring steel shell fragments, dispersed homogeneously pressure, make each part blade force balance, avoid the disadvantages of the traditional windshield wipers.
No Bone Brush Wiper Blade pursuit and aerodynamically perfect union, eliminate high-speed car when the wind, the movement caused to glass jitter blade wear to a minimum.
Boneless wipers is simple in design, structure, weight very light light and small, more make the yushua electrical prolonging the car 2 or more times;
No Bone Brush Wiper Blade without replacement wipers arm, the only change car traditional skeleton wiper blades can, more economical, more convenient.

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