How can I stop parking on the street without being affixed?

Sometimes parking can be inexplicably fined but not deducted, and sometimes it is necessary to pay a fine and to be deducted. There is really a good subject that is supposed to be studied, but there is no messy test and it is not reconciled. Yousuke ~ Well, what are the precautions when the Mavericks come to Kopu?

Now that there are many more people than there are people in the car, the parking lot can't be picked up like a house, so parking is really not an easy problem! Some road sections have specific signs or markings. In violation of traffic regulations, it is necessary not only to punish money but also to be deducted. In the following cases, it will not only be fined but also deducted 3 points. In fact, money is not a problem. The key is the long way to go. Can we have a few three points a year? Score is so little, and stop and cherish ah ~~~

1. No parking sign. Blue fork! ! ! It stated that in this area, cars are forbidden for temporary or long-term parking. Off-loading or unloading is also not allowed. It's not a minute to stop for one minute.

Some of the signs underneath the prohibition order will be up to several points. They are usually black and white signs, set up specific time, and some also set the specific range of vehicles.

So, if you want to challenge, you can only spend money or use points to buy lessons.

2. The prohibition of long-term parking signs. This may not be noticed by everyone. For example, terminals 1, 2 and 3 of the Capital Airport. The difference between setting this sign and prohibiting temporary parking is a bar.

Indicates that long-term parking is prohibited within the limits. For example, it is allowed to disembark, send friends, etc. Even vehicle unloading is allowed. However, this is a limited condition! ! ! What is the concept of this "temporary"? In fact, the temporary is that you will not leave the car! ! ! The driver should wait in the car or beside the car and cannot go. In addition, you should leave immediately after a temporary disembarkation or unloading. If you leave for a while while waiting for someone, maybe it will be 10 minutes. If you are recorded by the camera, you still have to be punished. Note that the camera is flawed! ! ! So if you come across a late flight, try to park your car in the parking lot.

3. No parking markings. The marking of no parking is also divided into two types, one is a marking of no parking, and the other is a marking that prohibits temporary parking. This type of parking mark is on the legendary roadside (Ma Luzi).

The no parking mark is a yellow solid line, and its legal benefit is the same as the legal benefit of the no parking sign. The length represents the scope of the ban, and sometimes it is used along with the signs and words on the road. If you can't see the bright colors like yellow, then you have to test whether it is yellow-green blind.

4. Prohibit long-term parking markings. Ibid, but it is the yellow dotted line on the road, and the legal benefits and the legal benefits of prohibiting long-term parking signs are also the same.

The yellow dotted line may sometimes be covered with thick dust. However, in order not to be fined or deducted, when you see a clearing on the side of the road, do not scrabble for the so-called parking lot. Remember to think ahead. Why don't people stop here, and then you may find the yellow dotted line, hahaha~~

5. White diversion or deflection lines. The guide or diversion line appears at the entrance or exit of a loop or freeway, or at a relatively large intersection. You can't cross the line to drive at ordinary times. Therefore, it is even more difficult to park the vehicle on it. If you stop above, you will be smashed ~~~

6. Yellow mesh line. For example, the entrances of some enterprises and institutions and some relatively large junctions are areas that prohibit any type of parking. In any case, try not to touch the minefield. If you are photographed by the camera, you will be punished. Didn’t an old driver stop for 12 seconds in the yellow line last year and he was fined 100 yuan with zero points?

Then, why not be fined if there is no stop sign and there are no various lines forbidden to park?

When parking on the roadside, even if there is no traffic sign or marking that prohibits parking or prohibits long-term parking, the vehicle must be parked in the parking lot or parking berth. Otherwise, a fine of 200 yuan will be imposed. This penalty does not count only fines. This is the most likely to be overlooked. Many people think that stopping here is not very inconvenient, and there are no relevant signs. There is nothing wrong with a stop. This is a misunderstanding, so we need to pay attention. In fact, the safest place is a parking lot or a parking lot.~~~

Also, check if you parked your car on the sidewalk or non-motorized driveway. If the normal traffic of other vehicles is hindered, according to the relevant provisions of the traffic laws, the on-duty police on the road will take away your motor vehicle according to law.

Having said so much, how does it feel that stopping a car is so hard? Which places can also allow us to feel safe parking?

In fact, do not worry! First of all, if you park on the side of the road, you can rest assured if you have a legitimate parked berth. It should be noted that the parking direction must be parked in an anterograde direction, and the body must not exceed the parking berth. The second is the parking lot. When entering the parking lot or parking berth by road, do not obstruct the normal passage of vehicles or other pedestrians.

After you have figured out the above items, you won't have to worry about parking afterwards.

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