100 tons of electronic truck scale standard configuration

The electronic floor scale can be divided into: the u-shaped steel electronic floor scale, the channel steel electronic floor scale, the I-beam electronic floor scale, and the reinforced concrete electronic floor scale; the sensors can be divided into digital electronic floor scales, analog electronic floor scales, and full-electronic electronic floor scales. Electronic platform commonly known as platform scales. Their basic configuration is the same. All require sensors, junction boxes, printers, and weighing instruments. Today's electronic floor scales can be equipped with computers and weighing software.

Electronic scale English: Electronicscale, so in the industry there are: scs series, commonly used specifications are: width 3 ~ 3.4 long 6 ~ 24, weighing range 30T ~ 200T Some manufacturers can produce to 250T

The standard configuration of electronic truck scale is mainly composed of three main parts: load-bearing force transmission mechanism (scale body), high-precision weighing sensor, and weighing display instrument, which can complete the basic weighing function of electronic platform scale, and can also be based on different The user's requirements, optional printers, large-screen displays, computer management systems to complete the higher level of data management and transmission needs.

Load-bearing and force-transmitting mechanism - The mechanical platform that transfers the weight of the object to the load cell. There are two types of steel structure and steel-concrete structure.

High-precision weighing sensor - is the core component of the electronic floor scale, and plays the role of converting the weight value into a corresponding measurable electrical signal. Its advantages and disadvantages are directly related to the quality of the entire weighing instrument.

Weigh indicator - used to measure the electrical signal transmitted by the sensor, and then display the weight reading through dedicated software processing, and can further transfer the data to the printer, large-screen display, computer management system.

Printer: Used to print weight data form Large screen: Used for remote reading Computer management system: Used for further processing, storage, transmission of weight data. ??

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