Which of the Bluetooth card reading systems and license plate recognition systems is superior?

In the current parking lot equipment market, the Bluetooth card reader system and the license plate recognition system are the two most common device systems. So, what factors need to be considered when choosing to install parking system equipment? What are their advantages and disadvantages? Let’s meet with the trailing monarch.
Bluetooth card reader system
How it works The Bluetooth card reader recognizes the Bluetooth card in the car and controls the barrier to open. In Other words, a car with a Bluetooth card can be identified as the inside of a cell and can be opened. Without a card, it cannot be opened.
1. The internal car is more accurate;
2, the installation environment requires low.
1, only recognize the truck, the limitations are large;
2. Onboard Bluetooth Card For a large number of users, the cost of purchasing a card will increase.
License Plate Recognition System
Working principle The license plate recognition camera is installed at the entrance and exit of the parking lot. The car enters the license plate to identify the shooting range of the camera, triggers photo recognition, and identifies the license plate number as the basis for judging release.
1. The vehicle registered with the system is quickly released after being identified, and no waiting is required.
2, according to license plate number release, more accurate management.
3, license plate recognition system does not require the owner to purchase the card, the license plate number is the vehicle identification ID code, there is no purchase cost.
4. After the system is connected to the IoT cloud platform, the financial statements are clearer, management loopholes are reduced, and property management benefits are improved.
1. Equipment installation requires the environment. It is necessary to fix an angle for the camera so that all passing vehicle front license plates can be photographed.
2, low probability of leakage identification. Less than one hundred percent of recognition technology means that there will be identification errors.
In general, the advantage of the Bluetooth card reader system is accuracy, and there is no theoretical error. The advantages of the license plate recognition system are versatility and high traffic efficiency. However, high requirements on the site may lead to a low probability of leakage recognition. At present, Dole Intelligent Control (stock code: 832966) license plate recognition technology has been very mature and has ultra-high recognition accuracy. Under the normal testing environment, the average recognition rate is as high as 99%. In hundreds of Wanda Plazas across the country, SF Express, Heng In the use of real projects of large real estate, the comprehensive recognition rate (including pollution, no license, etc.) is about 96%.
Judging from the current practical application situation, the sales of Dole Intelligence’s license plate recognition system is much higher than that of the Bluetooth card reader system. With the rapid development of Doyle Cloud Platform, the license plate recognition system will become an increasingly popular choice for users. .

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