Network voice intercom sensitivity quick function advantage

Network voice intercom is an IP network voice intercom terminal, with a 10/100M Ethernet interface, which receives audio data from the network, decode playback, external DC12 ~ 24V power supply terminal, provides a single 2W audio output, built-in Mini SD card (user selectable for storing some local audio files, etc.) Based on the TCP/IP network communication protocol and digital audio technology, the audio signal of the initiator of the communication is sampled and encoded, and then transmitted to the receiver in the form of a data packet on the local area network, and is decoded and restored by the receiver to an audio signal. According to different communication requirements such as point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, etc., an application mode such as broadcast intercom is formed. It is mainly used in banks and other places where emergency assistance, two-way intercom, and remote call emergency broadcasting are required.
Network voice intercom function advantages:
1. Using IP network terminal + sub-control panel split design, the network terminal can be directly connected to the network and can be placed indoors to avoid the user area exposed by the network cable to ensure the safety and reliability of the bank's internal network system;
2. There are single-key panel (emergency help) and double-key panel (emergency help + business consultation) for the user to choose between the panel and the panel.
3, a terminal can connect up to 8 intercom panels, using network cable to join the way hand in hand; the longest distance up to 1200 meters, when the self-service bank has more than one ATM machine, can meet the nearest call;
4, the device uses embedded computer technology and DSP audio processing technology design; using high-speed industrial-grade chips, start-up time is less than 1 second;
5, the panel full metal structure, with anti-jamming protection device and tamper alarm function, protection class IP54;
6. One-touch panel to initiate a call to the target terminal, full-duplex communication, to achieve a simple operation, fast connection;
7. Built-in high-sensitivity microphone, wide sound collection area, far collection distance, high timbre reduction, built-in speaker, support for hands-free calling and receiving broadcast;
8, the terminal built-in 2 × 10W stereo digital amplifier, external resistance speakers can be fixed sound reinforcement. Meet a wide range of calls, amplification, background music player, etc.
9, with 2 line output, one of which is a recording output, can be output to the local hard disk recorder for local recording, the other can be output to the active speaker or amplifier device;
10、Two-way short-circuit input, one way can be used for access control state detection, software interface real-time display access control state; one way for door detection sound detection, when the depositor enters the door, the access control or infrared sensor will trigger the terminal to play the sound to remind the user safe;
11, two short-circuit output, all the way to control the access control door locks, remote control on the software to open and close the door; all the way for the panel button linkage short-circuit output, for linkage monitoring video or other alarm equipment, and linkage delay The time can be arbitrarily set, can also be output by the user through software control, and supports the SDK control protocol;
12. Terminal built-in 4G SD card (capacity can be unlimited expansion), with SD card playback function, can play the SD card audio file (such as: playback to remind the user to withdraw safe voice) when the local or remote trigger, SD card content can be Remote update

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