Hydraulic support shifting and coal injection automatic spray dust reduction

The hydraulic support shifting and coal discharging are the two main dust-producing dust sources in the fully mechanized caving face, accounting for about 30% of the output of the fully mechanized caving dust. It is also one of the key points of dust prevention in the fully mechanized caving face.

The characteristics of the dust generated by the hydraulic bracket shifting frame are that the dust is generated only during the shifting operation (lowering column, pulling frame, and lifting column), and the dust generating time is extremely short; the dust generating part is mainly between the hydraulic support frames, especially in the front half of the hydraulic support. It is in the main wind flow of the working face, and the generated dust is easily diffused under the action of the wind. The characteristics of coal dust production at the coal caving point are that the dust is mainly produced during the coal caving operation, especially in the initial stage of coal caving; the dust generating part is at the rear scraper conveyor of the hydraulic support; the rear part of the bracket is supported by the pillar Bracket parts such as four-bar linkage and high-pressure hose hinder the wind speed compared with the main airflow at the front of the bracket, but there is a wider communication space at the rear scraper conveyor. The dust generated when coal is discharged is not Settling, easy to follow the wind flow along this channel downwind adjacent to the frame.

Hydraulic support spray schematic

According to the characteristics of hydraulic support shifting and dust release, in the design scheme, the following technical measures are taken in a targeted manner: First, an automatic spray control valve is designed to reduce the dust of the hydraulic support and the coal spray. The hydraulic system that controls the action of the hydraulic support linkage realizes automatic spray dust reduction, that is, automatic spray dust reduction during dust generation, automatic stop spray dust reduction after shifting and coal discharge; second, adding a combined five-way valve in the spray system, The automatic spraying of the frame is automatically sprayed at the same time, and the dust diffused by the downwind adjacent frame is reduced by the secondary spray to improve the dust reduction effect. Thirdly, the magnetized nozzle is designed to make the water magnetize and improve the physical properties of the water mist. To improve the ability of water mist to capture dust.

1-Multifunctional automatic spray control valve; 2-four-way plane gate valve; 3-combination five-way valve; 4-tail beam control valve; 5-front column control valve; 6-shift nozzle group; 7- coal inlet Nozzle set; 8-manual valve; 9-to-front spray; 10-spray water from the shelf; 11-main water supply to the shelf; 12-main water supply pipe

In order to simplify the piping system for spray dust reduction, a two-function automatic spray control valve was designed and developed. The valve is the first in China. After the test is successful, the patent has been filed (patent number ZL95242892.x); the magnetized nozzle has been tested in the laboratory. After the magnetization of water, the surface tension of water can be reduced (1.96~4.47)%; evaporation of water The rate has increased by about 0.2%, which is good for water mist to capture dust. The hydraulic support spray reduces dust, and the nozzle installation position is shown in Figure 3. Its spray system is shown in Figure 4.

The above technical measures have achieved good results through industrial tests. The spray system piping has been simplified, and the downwind adjacent frame can be simultaneously sprayed; the dust reduction rate of the hydraulic support frame reaches 81%; the dust discharge rate of the coal discharge port reaches 84.2%.

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