New sewage pump common faults and troubleshooting methods?

The sewage pump series is a popular flameproof submersible sewage pump. The sewage pump is used to discharge the water with a moderate amount of suspended solids. These pumps can handle smaller sized solids for use in septic tank systems or sumps that are not connected to a toilet. A typical wastewater pump application can handle solids up to about 3/4 inch. It is also used for a wide range of applications. It has longer durability than many other sewage pumps and self-priming pumps in the market. The specifics can be viewed by clicking on the sewage pump model. From 2015 to early 2018, the five sub-star pumps share common faults and treatment methods for everyone. 1. When starting, the motor will not beep. Analyze the reasons: (1) The motor runs out of phase (2) The sediment is accumulated in the pump, and the rotation of the impeller is difficult. (3) The method of eliminating bearing engagement and pinching the shaft: (1) Check the wiring and switch contacts to find out the phase (2) Clear Sand in the pump (3) Repair damaged parts or replace bearings 2. No water or insufficient water analysis Causes: (1) Motor reversal (2) Impeller not submerged (3) Submersible pump stuck in mud (4) Impeller runner Plugging (5) Plugging of check valve (6) Leakage of pipe (7) Excessive wear of impeller and ring wear Remedy: (1) Replace any two-phase power cable (2) Increase the depth of the dive (3) Submerge the pump from the mud Suggested in (4) Removal of plugs in the flow path of the impeller (5) Clearance of blockages in the check valve (6) Repair line (7) Replacement of wear parts 3. Vibration analysis of the unit Causes: (1) Bent shaft bending (2) Motor Bearing Wear Exceeding Exclusion Method: (1) Straightening pump shaft (2) Replace bearing 4. Abrupt drop of edge resistance Analysis causes: (1) Cable damage (2) Motor shaft seal damage, motor water ingress, winding insulation damage (3) Excessive burn-out of motor Exclusion methods: (1) Repair or replace the cable (2) Replace the seal, clean the motor (3) Repair the winding 5. Frequent trip analysis of the current instability protector Cause: (1) Junction box (2) water level drops, troubleshooting intermittent water: (1) Check the junction box, replace the seals (2) increasing the diving depth Shandong five star sewage pump a sub official website /

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