Crankshaft de-balancing machine with good application of micro-lubrication

Balancing machines are widely used in modern machinery. The choice of lubrication method is also very important. The traditional lubrication method generally uses oil lubrication. However, in the process of removing weight, the chips are easily dropped and stuck on the bearing bushes, thereby affecting the de-balancing. Accuracy.

If the balance bearing bush is lubricated with a small amount of lubrication , this problem can be effectively solved and many benefits will be obtained:

1, using a small amount of lubrication , can reduce the consumption of oil, energy saving and environmental protection;

2. The running cost of the micro-lubrication system is very low. It is powered by compressed air and has low energy consumption.

3, can reduce the use of oil lubrication when the chip stuck between the bearing and the journal caused damage and other issues;

4, can provide a good lubrication to the drill, improve the service life of the drill.

Compared with the traditional lubrication method, the advantages of the trace lubrication can be described as many. In order to ensure a slight amount of lubrication, the following two points require special attention:

1. Dry and stable gas source: The stability of the gas source pressure is an important factor in the normal operation of the micro-lubrication device. The power source of the micro-lubrication device is compressed air, so the stability of the compressed air pressure is very important. The moisture in the compressed air will directly affect the atomization effect and further affect the lubrication effect. Therefore, the stability of the gas source pressure and the drying of the gas source are very important.

2. The design of the oil mist output channel of the balancing machine bush is very critical, and its rationality directly affects the bearing lubrication effect. For the design of the bearing bush, the actual design of the bearing bush does not need to be too large. Generally, the bearing bush can be calculated according to the size of the bearing. Trace lubrication itself has a small diameter at the lubrication terminal. If the passage is too large and the air supply is insufficient, the output of oil mist will be too large, which will affect the operating environment. Therefore, we must fully consider when designing.

HQ and HR drill rod

HR series drilling rod is interchangeable with Q series coring drilling rod that is common in the international geological exploration industry. Taper threaded connection is adopted to facilitate connection and prevent stuck, and thread surface is hardened to greatly prolong service life of the thread.
HR series drill rod is interchangeable with RQ series coring drilling rod that is common used in the international geological exploration industry for deep holes.
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